On June 10th, 2020, we are excited to host a special livestream concert, featuring vocalist Veronica Klaus and her guests, pianist and composer Lance Horne and cellist Eleanor Norton. Don’t miss San Francisco’s legendary singer – and a recent addition to the art-rich community here in Sharon Springs – as she celebrates spring with a stylish set of stellar music. 

Tickets are available for purchase on Veronica’s website.

Update July 10: The video recording of the full concert plus a special bonus track “Over the Rainbow” now available! Watch now »


Veronica Klaus is deeply entrenched in the 1940s and 50s style of the last century. Her look, her style, her attitude and choice of music hail back to a glorious moment in American swing music. Peggy Lee is her main muse and Klaus couldn’t have made a finer selection. Backed by longtime collaborator Tammy Hall on the piano, swing songs like the suggestive Somebody Touched Me, I Wish I Were in Love Again or Why Don’t You Do Right (Get Me Some Money, Too) are deftly delivered. Her arrangement of the Smokey Robinson tune The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game is closer to the Jerry Garcia Bands slowed-down tempo than the original Marvelettes release and is a joy. Similarly, she re-invents Phoebe Snows Something Real into a heartfelt plea for emotional connection. Klaus’ flip side brings slow, sensual ballads, like Arthur Hamilton’s Rain Sometimes and Wait’ll It Happens to You, which she nails. Winner of a 2015 Bestie Cabaret Singer award, Klaus fans revel in her retro appeal and, with it, she educates contemporary audiences to the classics like Lee, June Christy, Billie Holiday and other greats. Job well done.

~ Reviewed by Steve Murray for Cabaret Scenes